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Mahindra Dealers
Location : Tamil Nadu » Pudukkottai & Trichy & Madurai & Sivagangai & Pattukottai & Peravurani.

We introduce ourselves as Pudukkottai based Company doing Sales & Services of world class standard and customized Pure Sine Wave and Square Wave Mahindra & Mahindra Inverters (Ranging from 600VA to 1500VA), On/Off Line UPS (1 KVA to 200KVA High Frequency PWM, Mosfet /IGBT based), LUXEON based LED Lights, Luxeon Constant Current Led Driver, Heavy duty Battery Chargers, DC-DC Converters, CFL Inverters, SMPS Power Supplies in Kit form and as a complete system.

We also deal in Solar Panel Modules (ranging from 30 Watt to 160 Watt), Hybrid Solar Inverter, Solar Lighting Systems. We have DEVELOPED hybrid solar inverters which have features inbuilt with solar chargers as well as ac chargers. This is applicable where electricity is present but for very less time/hours. Capacity ranges from 100va to 10000 VA.

1 Running water pumps
2 Home lightening application
3 Garden lightening application
4 Street lightening applications
5 Powering up computers in rural areas

We have been serving our valuable customer since more than 5 years and have been consistently delivering the highest standard of performance.

In the present scenario of extremely competitive market of the end product manufactured, we have developed the system with latest technology along with reducing the cost to 20% .

As you are a reputed dealers/distributors of these systems and we are very much interested to deal with you at mutually agreeable terms.

No doubt, we will feel proud to welcome you as our valued customer and we want to confirm that you will always receive from us all our attention and to satisfy all your needs at the fullest.
Ø SMPS based Design
Ø 3 CFL Load
Ø Deep Discharge Protection
Ø Overcharge Protection
Ø Overload & Short Circuit Protection
Ø Mobile Charger
Ø Sealed Maintenance free Battery
Ø No Noise No Smoke
Ø Led Indications (Mains, Inverter On, Charging, Low Battery, Overload)
Ø Light Weight Easy to Carry
Ø Table Top as well as wall Mountable

Square Wave UPS Ranges:
600 VA Home UPS
800 VA Home UPS
1500 VA Home UPS

SineWave Home UPS
6000 VA Sinewave Home UPS
800 VA Sinewave Home UPS
1500 VA Sinewave Home UPS

Mahindra Powerol Batteries for Inverters, Two Wheelers, Four Wheelers

Contact Us:
Senthil Kumar,
Mobile: 9787873118, 9176607915, 9677597159



  2. what is the cost for 1500va sinewave inverter plus 180Ah eastman addo tubular battery

  3. Send me the cost of 600 VA &800 VA ups&Batteries

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  5. pls send me the cost for 30w solar panel (SINGLE PIECE), 800VA inverter, 150amps amaron battery..

  6. could someone give me the best quotation for inverters for 4 fluorescent , 4 ceiling fans & 1 TV as well the power should be at least for 5 hours , my residence is Vellore , Tamil Nadu , Thanks.....

  7. pls send me the cost for 30w solar panel (SINGLE PIECE)...

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  8. please tell the praise of 600 VA &800 VA ups& Batteries for home

  9. please help sir i have total used 1200w which ups is better sir .
    (1500sinewave and 180ah(2batt)total cost how much sir..

  10. send me prices 800va offline inverter and tubler 180ah exide tubler battery cost

  11. My Mahindra Poweral 800 Inverter shutsoff after 1 hour with 1 Tubelight and 1 fan load. Customer Care at Madurai does not respond even after 4 reminders in 7 days.

  12. Hi, I have a Old Mahindra bolero and my battery is dead, I want to replace the battery...let me now if Mahendra have thier own Auto battery and how much it would cost.

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